Sweet Potato

Chipotle Hot Sauce (!!!)

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Face-meltingly awesome! Love the unique flavors and home-grown authenticity!

Eric E.

Easily one of the best hot sauces I have ever had! Such a treat to add a couple splashes to soups or chilis or scrambles while camping out in the Eastern Sierra. I bought a couple of bottles to give out as presents, but will definitely be keeping all of them.

Dexter M.

This is probably my favorite hot sauce ever no lie!!!

Sophie E.

I bought a bottle when I saw you perform in gainesville. Honestly at the time I was doing it to support you, but now I've had it I'm a believer. An amazing balance of heat and flavor, I'm officially a fan of this hot sauce. Spectacular stuff!

Nate H.

First batch was so good we bought a dozen bottles this year!

Chris D.

Uncle Sky has not only bottled comfort and warmth with Popular Demand, but the ethos behind the practices, and the genuine approach with regards to sustainability and home-grown care, are real. Grab you a bottle, it'll feel like home.

Eric B.

Best sauce on the market! This product Smoky flavor does not allow me just to use a little for sure I need a whole jar for every order!! SOOO GOOD!!

Ryan R.

This is the best hot sauce ever! Seriously, the best!

Miko M.

THE BEST HOT SAUCE EVER! We eat it on EVERYTHING in my household.... Salad, eggs, burritos, pizza, .... seriously EVERYTHING! It's not too hot and it has an amazing flavor.

Magdalene H.